Mindanao Lilang-Lilang’s Kulintang Instrument Acquisition Project

Please contact Manny Dragon (dragonply@gmail.com) if you have any interest or questions about these items for sale.  Prices are for local pick-up only, and additional costs of shipping will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Proceeds from kulintang instrument sales benefit the programs of Mindanao Lilang-Lilang (a California non-profit corporation), specifically those programs which directly support the efforts of the Kalanduyan family members in making these Maguindanaon-made kulintang instruments available to musicians in the United States and Canada.

Price list (updated March 2017):

One complete set of 8 well-tuned brass kulintang gongs: $600

One hand-carved kulintang resonator/stand (“antangan”): currently out of stock

Kulintang beaters (“betay”) made of “tamnag” or “alm” wood: $25 for one pair

One set of 4 well-tuned, contemporary gandingan gongs: $600

Gandingan beaters (special rubber tipped strikers called “basal”): $20.00 per beater, or $35.00 for a pair

One pair of well-tuned, contemporary agung (large kettle gongs): $600

Agung beaters (special rubber tipped strikers):$20.00 per beater, or $35.00 for a pair

Babandil (hand-held timekeeper gong): $125

Sarunay (graduated, tuned metal plates): $300

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